Knowledge & Experience Partnership

Technology has played a vital role in transforming the way businesses or organisations interact to each other in recent marketplace. Influencing and empowering human resources to maximize knowledge and human capital was never so prompt without integration of technology in variety of business practices. In this context, Transcendi assess the need of gamification of organizational activities as the next generation delivery model of sharing knowledge and experience in an effective and efficient manner. We understand that the entire spectrum of Learning & Development is undergoing with transformational change where human interaction and technology are mixed to wrap services in the world of AI and Robotics. Foreseeing future needs and requirements, we are investing heavily to provide knowledge based solutions for existing or emerging markets where local talent needs global knowledge and experience partnership.

Gamification Based Learning Partnership

We have partnered with Games Without Frontiers, a leading business gaming player in the UK. Their flagship product, Rocket, enables experiential business learning in organizations with different scales and scope. We believe that Rocket can be leveraged to bridge the gap between theory and practice in business education in India. By offering experiential and interactive learning solutions to business and management schools, we aim to aid them in enhancing learning outcomes and build better leadership for the emerging Indian Economy.



Stuart Laing

Director, GWOF

For over a decade at one of the worlds leading simulation companies, Stuart was responsible for the organisational growth and evolution of the Simulation Team and the continued development and success of the product portfolio to 200 partners worldwide.

Stuart is an accomplished, professional, experienced leader with a proven track record of defining and delivering complex, innovative solutions for worldwide blue chip clients operating in the Enterprise IT Environment. As a motivated, results driven achiever he has always led from the front, setting the pace and defining levels of productivity in a team.

With significant facilitation experience he is adept at opening lines of communication with clients and colleagues, inspiring productive reflection and encouraging a practical application by taking dry ideas bringing them to life.


Sales Enablement Partnership

We have an aspiration to be the SatNav for your Sales Success and to realise this dream true, we have partnered with Klozers represented by consultants who are all successful Sales practitioners in their own right.

Klozers proven approach includes:

  • Sales doesn’t happen in isolation from the rest of the business, so we look at the business as a whole from a sales perspective, and then help you make the necessary changes across your business to “grease the sales wheels”.
  • Klozers will work with you to develop an improvement strategy, then a plan, and then we will help you execute. Our clients like this approach because they don’t have the time to do all these things themselves.
  • In most cases training is the WRONG place to start because unless you have the systems, process, structure and Governance in place, then in all likely hood the training will just be great fun, and we are more interested in results. We will do training, but only when we’re sure it will be effective and stick.
  • Once we have a plan we will need your people to do certain things like phone, email, visit & network with prospects & customers. There are no shortcuts for hard work and if your sales people don’t like hard work we cannot help them. We will not coach or train these people as it is not a good investment in your resources, or ours.

We do take everything personal because we care, and we want you to be successful, and we expect your people to be as passionate and hungry for their own success as we are.



Iain Swanston

Founder & CEO, Klozers

Iain is a proven Sales Coach, Consultant and Speaker, specialising in complex B2B Sales and raising the bar in Sales Performance for Mid-Market Businesses.

Iain works with Chief Execs who need a Trusted Advisor specialising in Sales to provide objective & pragmatic advice. They typically have a great product or service but are frustrated with their sales results and often need additional support for their time poor Sales Leadership Team. Iain typically works with companies who need to drive improvements and performance across the whole Sales function and provide the vital Lead Generation strategies to hunt down and Kloze new business opportunities. Iain is grateful to have a great bunch of clients who love him because he recognises that no two business are the same, and therefore spends time upfront to learn about the business and the people, before making any recommendations.