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July 16, 2019

True Value Proposition of a Business or Change Analyst

A business analyst is always assumed as someone who captures requirement or undertakes analysis to solve an underlying business problem or achieve an end business goal. What we tend to forget is the decision enabler dimension. Even before we capture a requirement a decision is required to establish if the business problem is prioritized appropriately to commit organisation wide resources. A seasoned Business Analyst would invariably wear a hat of the business decision maker to provide a holistic view which can challenge silos perspective to bring a more cohesive view.

Be it any stage of project or change life cycle, a decision is required at every moment. Business does mean the unstoppable continuous cycle of decisions around its people, processes, products, customers and various stakeholders. These decisions could be of different nature, type and size and sometime may not be fully supported throughout the organisation. The value addition a business analyst brings is the transparency, rationality, clarity and democracy in the entire process of business decisions. For every single requirement transpired from a strategic decision requires adherence to the same principle of thought to maintain consistency and focus to get the desired outcome. Quite often the strategic steer needs to be challenged because of changing dynamics and the realities unfolded by ground level stakeholders. A business analyst works as a catalyst and unbiased communicator who connects dot across the organisation hierarchy by bringing facts which were earlier untold or unseen. And this is how a business analyst adds his true proposition as decision enabler in the decision process.