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At Transcendi, we are on a mission to be known as an “Effective Decision Enabler Partner” by our global clients to help them streamline complex business activities. We consider business as an on-going process of decision making events where every single decision, irrespective of its weight and value, remains vital to ensure success for a team and organisation as a whole.

Continued commitment to deliver quality, efficiency and accuracy has been a foundation behind success and reputation of the company gained over the years. Our unique business approach and framework inculcate us to help our valued clients for decisioning partnership service which enables them to recognize key resources required to attain ultimate business objectives and thus ensures success to our partners.

Strong work ethics, dedication and resilience to change are deliberately followed at Transcendi that leads us to identify opportunities and propose dynamic solutions for our partners facing adverse business situation or most challenging time in the industry. With this approach, we not only generate positivity for our partners but also strengthen our core expertise in relation to diversify our portfolio of services.



Focusing on the longer term to ensure we are leaving things better than we found them and putting our shared interests ahead of any individual or team.


Assessing requirement in a broader way, we seek to understand the big picture and find out alternative perspectives. Every colleague feels they are able to make a valued contribution and deliver their best work.


Taking care to enhance our reputation in everything we do, and using our skills and resources to deliver high-quality sustainable results.


Appreciating difference, building cohesive teams and fostering the values and experiences of diversity.

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We business with those who also believe and respect similar set of values and ethics as we do.

  • ……..We worked together only for few months but i must say i was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge, commitment adaptability and modesty. We travelled to UK together on Leadership SOS - he was instrumental in building client’s confidence and demonstrated his delivery capabilities leading to huge dollar savings for client. I also remember using him as a Data modeler where he excelled. Truly a great team person and asset wherever he works.  
  • I worked closely with Praveen for one year on a challenging greenfield project. Praveen has great interpersonal skills and business knowledge but is open to new ways of working. ….. 
  • …………. The level of detail, organization, focus and passion Praveen brought to the project was crucial for the success we achieved.  ……… Finally, Praveen's good nature always made me excited and proud to work with him. There are not that many people in the workplace who are so kind, caring and willing to go out of their way to make their colleagues feel appreciated. I truly hope I will be fortunate enough to be able to work with Praveen again in the near future. 
  • ………….Praveen challenges constructively to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. He is an excellent business analyst with a strong and professional work ethic. Not only was Praveen a key member of the project team, but he also contributed greatly as part of the wider Change Management Team. The diversity of thought, the energy and personality Praveen brought to the team made him a valued colleague …….

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