#CompanyOnWheels – Learning While Travelling

Are you bogged out with the mundane training programs?

What if we say that our signature Experiential learning program takes you to the iconic castles, incredible museums, beautiful gardens along side? Yes, you heard correctly.

#CompanyOnWheels  is Indeed a power-packed program for those who loves learning while travelling.

During the program, the participants are given a case study and introduced to a virtual company on wheels whose employees (participants) don’t sit in one chair. Instead they travel and explore Scotland (heaven on earth) and indulge in their wanderlust alongside a 360-degree management learnings.

So, the moment the participants commence their 7-day adventurous trip they are exposed to unique challenges that require hands- on problem solving techniques and surely it testifies their teamwork spirits in completing the mission.

Program Highlights

  • Industry Expert sessions
  • Mindfulness, Individual development programs
  • Fun- filled Team Building activities
  • Eye- Witnessing the colourful Fringe Festival
  • A typical day in the tour would include Gamified training versions
  • A tour witnessing beautiful landscapes and spectacular highlands of Scotland

Key Takeaways

1. This program works on these great intersections of people and ideas hence creating opportunities for               unplanned interactions among players.

2. A platform that develops the understanding of asymmetric nature of businesses how to evaluate it and     prioritise it.

3. This cross-cultural training program will make the participants a global citizen hence leading to a world class  skill personal

Who can register

Corporate, Association of People (men or women), Business groups, Family groups, Management and Engineering Students, Professionals and Individuals who loves traveling with learning

Minimum Participants

A batch of 30 People