Faculty Development Programme (FDPs) – A Gamification Approach

Indian Education has traditionally focused on rote learning and always believed in content coverage rather than the acquisition of life-wide skills. Over the years, the FDPs have institutionalised conventional methods of theoretical concepts of classroom-based management teaching. If we want our students to be well-versed with managerial, entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial abilities in a digital age, then it is evident that our prevailing teaching practices must have experiential learning as a teaching component.


  • The real-time corporate world is digitising and we want students to be well-versed with 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and cross-cultural communication.
  • We at Business Learning™ want to to simplify the teaching that requires instructors to have analytical frameworks to help choose and use technologies appropriately for teaching.
  • Business simulators are the fastest and most effective environments for learning. Our faculty development programme will introduce faculties to the organisational structure and challenges encountered in running a typical business house.

Certification: Participants will be awarded an appreciation certificate.

Learning Outcomes

The program will involve creating a real-time corporate environment where the stress levels are as intense as in any other working organisation which leads to different transmission models of teaching.

  • Developing analytical frameworks regarding how to use technologies efficiently for teaching.
  • Providing more clarity in curriculum design and assist in teaching strategies for a wide range of learning environments.
  • Encouraging changes in new faculty appointment patterns.
  • Strengthening relationships amongst colleagues.

All this will move to yield a positive outcome on student retention and grade point averages which leads to improvised student learning outcomes.