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Information Technology & Management Consulting

Change Management Consulting

Transcendi can transform your organisation and deliver each stage of this complex journey from end to end. From the definition of the parameters to the implementation of change, we will guide you through every step of the process.

Whether you wish to modify your IT infrastructure or kickstart a new growth strategy we will ensure you fulfil your objectives. We will create a framework for change, align stakeholders to the programme and drive real results.


Consulting, Gamification and IT Change Management in uk and Worldwide

Business Decision Enablers

Whatever stage, process or cycle your business is at, there is an unstoppable and continuous cycle of decisions. Even though your workforce is under a constant pressure to make the right decisions that will drive growth and compatibility, there is often a lack of consistency and focus.

We improve the flow of good decisions by improving communication between parties, uncovering the right facts and challenging the status quo. Through this, we will ensure that every decision made is transparent, rational and clear.

Contact us at Transcendi to find out what our consulting, gamification and change management will do for your organisation, whether you are a business or public organisation.

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Consulting, Gamification and IT Change Management in uk and Worldwide



Future Proof Data Driven Analytics

Make better decisions by utilising all of the data you have at your disposal. With our data driven analytics you will have everything you need to make the right move. Reducing customer churn, cutting workplace accidents and predicting the future are all possible through careful analytics.

Our team will help you examine and organise your current data. We'll build the frameworks and processes then apply advanced analytics to find the information you are looking for. We'll assist you in deciphering information and looking at innovative solutions to make use of it.



CSR Driven Talent Engagement

Research shows time and again that diversity increases profitability and drives long term growth. The best way to create the diversity is by finding people from a range of backgrounds. However many companies restrict themselves to very narrow recruitments processes.

The unique offshore onshore model we use will enable your company to uncover talent where you would not normally find it. We help you connect with gifted individuals who will add real value to your company and help them slot in seamlessly into your operations.


Client Case Studies




 “We worked together only for few months but I must say i was thoroughly impressed by Praveen's knowledge, commitment, adaptability and modesty. We travelled to UK together on Leadership SOS, and he was instrumental in building the client’s confidence and demonstrated his delivery capabilities leading to huge dollar savings for client. I also remember using him as a data modeller where he excelled. Truly a great team person and asset wherever he works.”