One Day Off-Site Program

We try to cater the concept of Corporate Away Days by introducing it to the client into a fun based activity through a Game mode with a blend of valuable business insights. The team will experience different methodologies to strategize various approaches in winning the game in an entirely risk-free environment.

Our Approach

Engaging through Game                                              Business Simulation                                                 Serious Fun

In the business game, the team has to take an ailing business from doing OK to doing great! At different levels, players take on roles of core business functions. And throughout the game they strategize, plan and implement their changes. Hence, making this an immersive Game for the employees.

Key Outcomes

  • High Performance
  • High Productivity
  • High Retention

A fast-paced, immersive Game would give your team a broad vision in understanding the impact of their decisions, especially in financial terms. They would develop a fundamental understanding of how to scale and run their company successfully.