Gamifying Your Employee Induction Training Program

Modern careers need Graduates to be creative, should have a powerful critical thinking, interpersonal skills and negotiation. Crafting and presenting a reasoned argument, asking the right questions and seeking out the answers – these are skills taught in a combination of technical education. We tasked the graduates by giving them an agile business to scale. They have the flexibility to make decisions for their company hence challenging the status-quo to outperform.

Millennials and Gen-Z enter the workforce with a different lens. Gamification and Game-play taps are some of the core motivators that keep them engaged. A well designed and executed induction program is one of the primary foundations for developing and unlocking the energy and potential of the new joiners. A true Gamified Induction Program should-

Our Program Traits

Here, the team learns to work together hence sharing the vital information to make the Business Game survive.

Participants experience real tipping points and high-level decision making in trying to make the Business Game survive.

The energy levels of the group to keep the business game operational becomes the key.

A no-hiding assessment tool for you that observes the true personalities and traits of your candidates with our best tailor-made programs.