Reboot Remote Productivity

The pandemic has changed the business dynamics, the pace of business has slowed down, and outcomes have become unpredictable. It highly demands us to alter our ways of communication and collaboration. Hence, demanding new ways to be extra patient and be empathetic, mindful about new ways of business processes.

How it Works?

We simulate a remote working environment; teams work together to resolve the commercial complexities that are posed in real-world, hence accelerating themselves to become a high functioning team.

The simulation drives a rich shared learning experience where participants will be tasked with running a complete set of business. They quickly have to establish the best practices, improvise the process, improve the productivity and review them for optimum results.

Desired Outcomes

  • Establish great remote teamwork
  • Recognizes best WFH practice
  • Encourages Remote Teamwork
  • Builds effective communications in Remote Environments
  • Understands the impact of remote-working on business performance
  • Drive core business productivity
  • Identifies delegated decision-making
  • Defines standards and values for our new working environments
  • Engender commitment and responsibility
  • Fosters creativity